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Hi there,
I'm Amanda Brewer!

I have been practicing photography for at least ten years, with the last five of them picking it up professionally. On the side, I work for the USDA Forest Service throughout the year, and I volunteer for emergency and disaster response with Team Rubicon. I also live in a 40-foot school bus conversion that my husband and I have worked on! My goal is to travel the nation with it and document our adventures with my camera. We have two cats, a dog, and a bearded dragon that we consider our "children".

As a photographer, I am creative, empathetic, resilient, energetic, and able to quickly adapt to changing situations. I use my characteristics to work around changing weather patterns, play with natural lighting, use flattering poses and compositions, and adopt a natural, vibrant editing style during post processing. 

My most favorite moments are when we can enjoy the company of others in a place that is seemingly perfect in every way, and almost feels like a dream. Sometimes, it's those "take or lose it" opportunities that create the best lasting memories of our lifetime.

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