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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your shooting technique?

To put it simply, my technique is that I capture vibrant, natural photos utilizing golden hour lighting, cloudy days, shade cover, and other scenarios to help you look and feel your best for whatever occasion! First, I get to know you! I say hi and we engage in conversation before booking and form something similar to a friendship. It helps me to understand you a little better to the photo session is tailored to who you are. Don't worry - we won't play 20 questions! I simply learn about you, who you are, what you're looking in your photos, and anything else special you want me to incorporate. Then while on location, I'll help guide you through the process of poses, compositions, and even share a little bit of what I am looking for with lighting, explain a little of why I am capturing the photo a certain way or holding a reflector another way, and to also help you relax if you may be a little nervous. It's totally okay to be nervous! Just be sure to breathe, enjoy the process, and have a little fun too! 

What type of equipment do you use?

I work with a pair of Canon 6D Mark I cameras with Sigma lenses! They are my work horses for all the photos I capture! Eventually, they will be retired from heavy use and a new set of work horses will come in. For now, I am enjoying them while I have them! I also have portrait lighting equipment for indoor photography and some flashes, and a few reflectors to help with controlling the light to my advantage. I like to travel light, but effectively also! 

How do you stay focused on your art?

By knowing that every setting and scenario is different from the last, and each person I meet is unique. It doesn't matter where I go, or who I meet. Meeting new people is fun, rewarding, and humbling. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe, or what made you the person you are today. You are beautiful, wonderful, endearing, and special, and I want to bask in that special ray of awesomeness that you are. No matter who you are, what you believe, or where you come from, you will always be included and loved.

Do you offer any discounts or payment plans? What if I am active-duty military or a veteran?

I completely understand that sometimes things are hard, and money can be tight. I've been there! I know what it's like to be short and wonder how to make ends meet. As I don't wish for you to be stressed and have to worry about something like that, I do offer discounts and payment plans on certain services. For example, High School Senior Photography will always be discounted to $195 for current high school students. This discounted rate is not applicable to students who have already graduated. I also offer discounts for bulk bookings, or booking more than one session at one time. 


Any active first responders, state and federal workers, active military, and military veterans get steep discounts off of all of my services as a token of gratitude for their services. This does include volunteer responders and workers also - because as a volunteer responder myself - we all put in a huge effort to serve our community. It doesn't matter if you get paid for it every month - you're paying for it with the blood, sweat, and tears you put into doing what you love with your time. That is enough for me.

Payment plans must be arranged before any services are booked, and I require an additional advanced notice beyond two weeks to set this up because it involves custom tailoring a contract that shows the agreed payment plan, dates which payments will be made, and more written up. Any services being provided on a payment plan must have at least four weeks of notice to properly plan, write up the contract, and collect the retainer and any payments necessary to get you booked. It sounds like a scary process - but I assure you it's not! It's just as easy as setting up a regular session with me.

How do I book photography services with you?


The first step when you would like to book me for photography services is to click the "Contact Me" button on the About Me page or click the "Inquire" button on the navigation bar and fill out a quick form! I collect your information, figure out the details and who/what/when/where/why/how to custom tailor the services to your desires. I fill in the contract with those details and send it off with your invoice! Once you pay the retainer, you are then officially booked! As an added feature, you will receive a Google Calendar invite as confirmation of your scheduled session! I need two weeks' notice to book any photography sessions not only to ensure I have time in my schedule, but for yours also! Sessions that are rushed with little notice and planning tend to not go very well, and it is my goal to ensure maximum enjoyment and fun during your session. If I happen to have an opening with less than two weeks' notice, there may be an opportunity to pencil you in with a rush fee applied.

What payment methods do you take?

Currently, I only take major debit/credit cards through my invoicing system, or cash payments. Any payments made with cash must be made in person at a scheduled time/place so that I can write up a receipt for you and send you confirmation from my invoicing system to your email. Money orders do not count as cash. Checks are also not accepted at this time.

Where are services provided? Are there any additional costs for travel outside of your local area?

I serve the greater Vancouver, WA area within Clark County in Washington State. I service anyone within 20 miles of Vancouver with the exception of Portland Oregon. I do not perform services in Portland Oregon for safety reasons. I am happy to travel and serve locations anywhere outside of Portland if you are located in Oregon, however. For services outside of my service area, there is an additional cost of $1.25 per mile at 15 miles or more outside of my service area. Anything within 15 miles of my service area is free of charge for travel. For example, if you are located 100 miles away and want me to come to you for photos, it's $125 for travel. 

How should I be ready for my photography session? What should I wear?

All of this of course will depend on the weather, but for a general sense of what to wear for a family photography shoot, think Sunday Church Casual; nice pants, a nice shirt or dress, nice shoes you don't mind being outside in, and perhaps a little make up too for the ladies! I will always suggest muted or neutral colors such as dark greens or blues, browns, maroons, gray, khaki, and of course black or white. Nothing too bright and loud for colors unless that is what you're intending for you photos. Also, have your nails done a day before if you can, and your hair done prior to your photoshoot to look your best. You can either match with one another or wear uniquely different outfits. Of course, you can wear whatever you want based on your personality! The options are endless! This is your photoshoot, and your special time to shine. Show off all the colors of the rainbow if that is your fancy. Casual or formal, the choice is yours.

When will my photos be completed? How many will I get? 

Depending on the current workload and my own schedule, photos take an average of seven to ten days to complete with a possible maximum of four to six weeks. High School Senior photography is prioritized to meet yearbook deadlines, whereas Wedding Photography is extended just a little bit to make sure your pictures are perfect. As the workload increases by demand, timelines will be adjusted to reflect accurate times for post processing your gallery so that it can be delivered on time. The number of photos per each service vary. For example, High School Seniors for the Standard Session will be 15 photos, and the Deluxe Session is 25 photos. The Family Standard session is 20 Photos, while the Family Deluxe is 30 photos. The difference between Standard and Deluxe is shoot time, outfit changes, and more depending on what you want in your session. 

How will I receive my finished photos? What format are they delivered? Can I get RAW photos?

Once post processing is complete, I'll contact you asking you to pick your favorites for me to edit. Trust the process - if the images look too bright or too dark at first, it's because they haven't been edited yet. Pick your photo limit of favorites and I'll get to work right away. Then, I'll contact you to see if you would like a sneak peek of finished work and if you would like me to post the sneak peek on social media, or simply email them to you privately. This sneak peek will have smaller resolution photos simply to enjoy in review and will not be of quality to share on social media.


Once the edits are approved and you are satisfied, I upload all of the finished photos in full resolution to an online gallery to download from, and a special pin code is emailed to you for security. This pin code is your key to the gallery so that you may download all of the photos, and only you can access the link! I highly recommend to not share this link or pin code with anyone else so that you keep exclusive access to your gallery. There is also the option to order prints, cards, announcements, and more from your gallery as well!

All photo formats are delivered only in JPEG. I do not release any of my RAW photos for any reason as they are original, collected works from my camera, and most applications won't accept those file types. It's much easier and more convenient for you to receive JPEG versions of your finalized photos.

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